Why should we choose our words carefully

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It’s essential that you choose your words carefully in terms of what words you are putting out there. Tearing someone down on Twitter or Facebook is unacceptable, even if it’s a celebrity.

That person may be nothing more than a digital user name to you, but there’s a real human on the other end. Choose your words carefully. Wise people choose their words carefully. We’ve all had words flung at us that stung and stuck.

As believers with the Holy Spirit inside of us, we have His wisdom as well and can use words to heal instead of hurt. 3 Reasons To Choose Your Words Carefully.

There is power in the spoken word. Power to build up, encourage, and honor, and power to tear down, discourage, and dishonor. Why We Choose Our Words with Children Carefully Three Different Responses. It may help to look at one scenario handled in three different ways. The Setting: Parent and Parent Response One.

Failing to maintain limits or “Giving in”. Our child is. He was on my podcast and we took a fascinating look at how to answer the "why should I choose you" question in, get this, seven words or less. In fact, Ian says this is the most important question in business because answering it will shape every area of your business, not just sales and marketing/5(8).

May we all choose our words carefully and enable ourselves to live out our best intentions. My copy of the book now has a rainbow of notes, highlighting, and doodles for easy future reference to the areas that Why should we choose our words carefully book me the most, along with several dog-eared pages.

Our negative words and actions give the devil a legal standing in the court of heaven to use our own words and actions against us.

That’s why you should Choose Your Words Carefully. 26 Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, 27 and give no opportunity to the devil. (Ephesians ). It's because our words make a lot of impression upon the minds and heart of our listener.

When we use encouraging and caring words, the spirit of the listener gets lifted up and at the same time a discouraging or demotivating word can really make a person sad. Choosing Your Words Wisely As a society, we have become conditioned to talk about our misfortunes and problems.

We take our interpretations of events, people and ourselves and communicate them to the world, bringing them into existence. By choosing your words carefully and bringing out the best in your teams, you will have a happy, healthy, loyal and productive workforce. Free Webinar |. As we have seen, we eat our words, and we can rightfully say that they are food for our souls.

Anyone who wants to be healthy is careful to choose quality food that will provide good nutrition.

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If we want to be healthy in our soul and spirit, we should also choose to take in words that will build us up and increase our peace and joy. Words are the ground level of writing, and they can communicate confidence, carefulness, and consideration.

By carefully selecting words, writers build their meanings from the ground up. Let’s learn more about what goes into choosing words and the effects those choices can have. Choosing the words we use, in any and every relationship, very well defines our quality of relationships.

We can build confidence and show our support with our words; we can also deeply hurt and wound with them. Words are the language of our thinking mind, a vehicle of expressing the way we feel and the way we see life.

Words give away our life perspective. We must be careful with the words we. Yes, we have to choose how we reacted to another person’s words.

My mother always told me just to walk away and to not retaliate but the harm is usually done long before I walk away. We can let words roll off our backs but that takes a really strong person to listen to the things that another person dislikes about them and not take it to heart.

That power is mostly in our words. It takes more than good thoughts and deeds to build people up. The real creative potential for change lies in the words we use. Wholesome words develop the people around us.

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Wholesome Words Are Timely. The right words at the wrong time can be just as damaging as the wrong words. Choose your words carefully. Words matter.

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They are the most basic building blocks of written and spoken communication. Don’t complicate things by using jargon, technical terms, or abbreviations that people won’t understand.

Choose your words carefully and be consistent in your writing style. Word choice is an important part of. Choose Your Words Carefully. Ubiquitous. Bevy. Nefarious. Tinnitus. Chicanery. Elucidate. Miscreant. I adore vocabulary, and I suppose this runs from growing up in a family of English majors (and lawyers, but that’s another story.).

Our words should demonstrate the power of God’s grace and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our lives. May God enable us to use our words as an instrument of His love and saving grace. Recommended Resource: The Quest Study Bible. Of course, I am not saying that we should spend our lives with any person we come across — instead, we should pick and choose carefully the ones we feel most connected with.

But in order to do so, we first need to let go of those ones who we don’t connect with, even if we’ve spent all of our past together, and open our hearts to embrace. The Guardian - Back to home. We must choose our words carefully when covering complex legal cases This article is more than 4 years old.

Chris Elliott. Positive adult language is the professional use of words and tone of voice to enable students to learn in an engaged, active way. This includes learning social skills. To guide children toward choosing and maintaining positive behaviors, school adults need to carefully choose the words and tone of voice we use when speaking to them.

Audio On Why You Must Choose Your Words Carefully Contributed by Our Friends at Motivational Videos. In today's audio, Dr.

Wayne Dyer explains why in order to create the future you want you must choose your words carefully. Thought For Today: The words you speak become the house you live in. Choose them carefully. A scary thought to think our writing might evolve in its ability to grab the attention of a computer robot.

That said, I think all travel writers have to adhere to unwaveringly high standards when it comes to choosing the right words, especially because we’re writing shorter pieces.

But it’s bigger than just the words we. This post isn’t so much about the power of reciprocity by way of concessions, as it is to remind us that we need to choose our words carefully because they matter.

Frank Luntz, a conservative pollster, brilliantly shows this in his book Words that Work. I highly recommend the book because it will open your eyes to scripting used by political.

For reading to or with children, select picture books with strong storylines and character development. For the child who is reading independently, choose a book with a straightforward story employing words that will be familiar from everyday use. Some publishers produce books, generally called "easy readers," which independent readers often enjoy.

My Take: I was a bit worried that Why Should I Choose You. was gonna be a bit kitschy – one of those too-long books that should really just be an article. However, I must admit that while the concepts themselves are straightforward, I didn’t find that the authors belaboured them.

If we want people to follow our financial advice recommendations it makes sense to choose our words carefully - especially the written words in our reports and. Those would be your keywords for that article. Choose Your Keywords Carefully.

Why. Because some keywords will get a few clicks a day while some words get a few THOUSANDS of clicks a day. The crazy part. Both keywords can cover the same topic and mean the same thing, but the more “common” term people use more often will obviously get more.

Choosing our words carefully in intimate relationships is part of healthy communication. The people we choose to spend our time with, and sometimes, our lives with, are the most important. Words are more powerful than you can imagine, so it is important to choose them wisely.

They have the ability to carry us to far off, amazing places. Unfortunately, our words can also lead us to. Choose your words carefully.

14th April, Articles. Communication Articles. They’re very powerful. Sometimes we forget just how powerful our words are. Even the shortest sentence can have a huge impact on those around us, both positive and negative.

Words can often convey different meanings and unless we choose our words carefully, we may well upset someone without meaning to do so.

Those of us who are prone to be talkative run a much greater risk of offending others for the very reason that we are less likely to give much thought to what we are saying. Why You and Your Children Should Read a Book With No Words.

to experience as a whole. The words are chosen carefully, to say a lot with a little, like poetry (even when they don’t rhyme). The pictures don’t just illustrate the story, they enhance it, adding detail and humor that words can’t do alone. A Summer Reading challenge we.